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Calling a Redshift Stored procedure in Snaplogic


Hi All,
Has anyone been able to call a redshift stored proc using Snaplogic, couple of items which I read on the community mentioned they were not able to do so and there is an enhancement request for the same. If anyone one has an idea regarding how to achieve this, please let me know in the comments.
Thanks and Regards



Hi Anubhav,
Have you tried our ELT snappack?
Here is a demo.

Hi Mina,
How can we leverage ELT pack of an Stored prod call, could you please elaborate.


Hi Anubhav,
I had tested calling a simple stored proc using Oracle Execute snap, it worked. So I’d think you could try Redshift Execute as well. It may fail when there is a result set returned. Also please check out the sample pipelines for Redshift Multi Execute snap which allows you to execute multiple Redshift SQL statements sequentially inside of a single BEGIN and END transaction for each input document. If none of the above meets your needs, I think you could try having the ELT snaps build the same code for you. When you run the ELT pipeline, you will see it generates the code and sends that code to the db. I’d suggest asking your CSM to enable the snap in your dev org and try it out. What do you think?