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When i compare txt type files, everything works well with the DIFF snap but when i try to compare excel files, sometimes the column formats look different and it appears as a MODIFIED row on the report. Is there a trick to that? For example, a money field may look like a text formatted column from one system but in the other may be a number field. DIFF snap is throwing out those as modifications even though the amount is the same in both rows.


New Contributor III

The Diff snap evaluates based on the exact values in each column of the incoming records. If a record exists in the Original and New inputs, but has a different data type in a field, then it will be evaluated as a Modification. For example, if a value is stored as “$50.31” in one document and 50.31 in another document, these are different values and should be marked as a Modification.

The best way to solve this is to standardize the inputs in a Mapper snap before the Diff to align the data types of the inputs. For currency, parseFloat() will probably help.

Excellent idea! I will do that.