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Error occured while creating a mount smb:///

New Contributor II

I am encountering a error with my file writer snap while trying to write to a file share on a different server. The error is as follows: Error occured while creating a mount smb:///.
I dont think this is a permissions issue as I have granted access to the account I am using on the server I am trying to write to. That got me past an access denied error that I had encountered earlier in testing.
I am also open to any suggestions you may have to help me better troubleshoot.
Thank you for any help in advance, it is greatly appreciated!




Mostly it will be a SMB protocol version issue. Please check the protocol version for your SnapLogic server.

I hope as of SnapLogic support SMB 1.0 protocol version. Also the SMB 2.0 and SMB 3.0 will be coming in further SnapLogic release.for any queries please reach out to SnapLogic support.


New Contributor II

Thank you for your reply. Am I able to check the protocol version on the dashboard tab?

Yesterday I was able to get past this error, or so I think, and have no encountered a new error where the SMB protocol is able to find the server share but not the drive or any of the sub folders. My new error is

The path /E/TestFolder/SubFolder/FileName.xml was not found. The server name is not part of the error which makes me think that it is able to reach it but I can reach any file location on that server. Do you think this is still a protocol version issue with SMB?

No you can’t able to see the SMB protocol version in Dashboard.

Alternatively you just can try to list the objects from server using in directory browser snap by providing SMB server address and * as all filter.

  1. smb://(Server host address)
  2. smb://(Server host address)/E$/TestFolder/SubFolder/FileName.xml

New Contributor II

I have validated that I am able to write a file to the file share but I am encountering an issue with using a general expression while naming the file.
I am trying to timestamp the file with the following expression; +“.xml”. The pipe completes but there is no file in the location. When i change the syntax to:
+“”+“.xml” the pipe completes with a file in the directory named:
Any idea why it is having a problem with creating a file with the expression
The output preview even processes the expression correctly but still no file.