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Fetching 1k records from table using "Snowflake select snap"

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I’m planning to fetch the data from a table using “Snowflake select snap” while putting the condition of getting 1k records ONLY in WHERE clause however it is not getting any results.

I can put the entire query in “Snowflake execute snap” as well but wanting to do with Snowflake Select as of now. Any help is highly appreciable.



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Wanted to share the solution here. The query was right, no need to change the “Fetch-size” as well.
The only thing that was missing was ’ ’ for the IDs that we were passing in the query. Thus, the query would look like -
WHERE NAME IN (‘102345’, ‘1701’, ‘5604878’)

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You can use the “Limit rows” property to specify the number of rows to be returned by the query.


Does that mean, I would never be able to get 1k records from the Snowflake DB?
Today, the requirement is to fetch 1k records, tomorrow it may be 5k, 10k, so on and so forth.

I’m actually putting those IDs in the WHERE clause so it might exceed the character limit of 255 characters.

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You should use LIMIT for limiting the output of records.

I tried limiting it but I want all those 1k records, am I doing the right thing by putting 1k IDs in the WHERE clause of Snowflake Select snap?

Still brand new to snapLogic so I’m sure there would be something where I’m making a mistake.