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Grouped Fixed Width File with Record Set Delimiters

New Contributor III

Hi…I’m trying to output data into a file with the following format:

EN375      MW        TISCH-207        02:30 PM  -03:50 PM     Smith, Susannah B.
EN380      TR        LIB-213          11:10 AM  -12:30 PM     Smith, Greg
AM235      TR        TISCH-203        03:40 PM  -05:30 PM     Smith, Rebecca
AN101      TR        ANNEX-119        09:40 AM  -11:00 AM     Smith, Joowon
PA112C     MW        SPORTS-WGHT      09:05 AM  -10:00 AM     Smith, Joseph T.
AAMF323    TR        BOLTON-281       03:40 PM  -05:30 PM     Smith, Scott
EN238      MW        PALMTN-303       04:00 PM  -05:20 PM     Smith, Hajar
SO101      WF        TISCH-203        12:20 PM  -01:40 PM     Smith, James R.
AN101      MWF       BOLTON-280       09:05 AM  -10:00 AM     Smith, Bernardo R.
MP193      WF        ZANKEL-006       01:30 PM  -02:50 PM     Smith, Brett D.
CS209      MWF       ANNEX-118        10:10 AM  -11:05 AM     Smith, Michael
PA118C     MW        SPORTS-GYM       11:15 AM  -12:10 PM     Smith, Robert J.
SW212      TR        PALMTN-GANN      11:10 AM  -12:30 PM     Smith, Peter J.
CS209      R         CIS-237          12:40 PM  -03:30 PM     Smith, Michael

So in short, they are looking for a student id in the first field and then looking for ********** to close the record. All the data in the middle is fixed width and easily defined.

I know how to group this data and have it display this way in JSON, but am baffled as to how to translate this to a fixed width file using SL. Any ideas? This was built out in a PL/SQL script previously and I’d like to ditch that particular code to move this integration to SL.


New Contributor III

Hi @pcoleman,

Im not fully sure that this will work for you, but try with “Fixed Width Formatter” snap.

Fixed Width Formatter

The only problem here im seeing with the asterisks row, but for that row you can try with empty strings in the another fields.

Pero M.