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Help Needed! Best Snap/Technique To Process Incoming Raw CSV Data

New Contributor

Good day Snaplogic Community,

I am querying a Rest API which returns a text string which represent a delimited list with commas(,) but the list doesn’t have the header/column names but I know what the data represents.

What is the best method and snaps to use to convert this incoming string delimited by commas and convert it to JSON

Thanks so much!

Best regards


New Contributor III

Assuming that you have a response from the api that has a field with the value as a CSV string, you can map that field to $[‘content’] in a Mapper, then use a Document to Binary Snap to convert to “binary” and then use a CSV Parser to create the JSON docs (SL documents).

hope this helps.


Hi thanks a lot TK… i tried and it worked … much appreciated