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How to reduce the manual mapping in mapper? without using SmartLink option

  • We have a scenario like have to map 250+ columns from source to target
  • The source and target may or may not have same case like(upper,lower etc)
  • Using SmartLink able to map only limited columns but not entire columns
  • How to reduce manual mapping in mapper? If any spacial way for this?

Kindly suggest me. Thanks in advance.


Former Employee

There is no real special way but before we take this on further, did you use all available options?

  • Did you use the pass through if that helps in case certain mappings match.
  • Use mappings only when transformations are required (any transformation for that matter)
  • Case sensitiveness may not matter for database columns after all.

What is your use case?

New Contributor

Sometimes we use JSON generators for this. We generate the direct mappings on the generator using a spreadsheet or editor, then a mapper for the simple ones

Can you elaborate on this? I am wresting with how to generate Target Schemas to simplify mappings and also standardize outputs