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List pipelines that use a particular snap

New Contributor II

Is there a way to get a list of pipelines in an Org across project spaces that use a particular snap?


Valued Contributor

Hi @bilesh.ganguly,

You can try with Metadata Snaps.

There is a possibility of reading the metadata for every pipeline(including which snaps particular pipeline is using) in the given project/organization.

After you get all the results then you can apply the logic/conditions to filter the pipelines that are using the given snap.

Spiro Taleski

Thank you for your response Spiro.

I’m aware of metadata snaps; I was looking for a solution that doesn’t involve creating a pipeline.

@bilesh.ganguly Did you see my reply above? The Snap Statistics feature doesn’t require creating a pipeline.

Apologies for the late response @ptaylor

Yes, your response is what I needed.

Thank you