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Microsoft Exchange Integration

New Contributor

Has anyone successfully been able to use the MSExchange snap packs? I have been trying to use the Exchange Read snap and the documentation seems to be missing some information. I keep getting an error “The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it” which seems to mean the account I am using might not have permissions to access other accounts? The problem is, I haven’t told it yet which mailboxes to access yet. I have written a C# application that allows me to list the ID’s of exchange folders for a shared mailbox so I should at least be able to specify a mailbox that I am trying to access. Are there requirements for the account that we should use against the exchange server to be a delegate account with all permissions on all mailboxes? Once that get’s figured out, I am still trying to figure out how to check an individual’s calendar availability. In their documentation it says to provide it with a JSON document with very specific attributes and specifically an ID…what is this ID? So many questions, not sure where to start other than the account part first…