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Pipeline monitoring api usage of org_wide

New Contributor III

Please help me figure out what the syntax is for using the org_wide parameter for the pipeline monitoring api.

I’ve tried, but get an error for all of the below:” + _org + “?last_hours=” + _last_hours + “?org_wide=1”” + _org + “?last_hours=” + _last_hours + “?org_wide=0”” + _org + “?last_hours=” + _last_hours + “?org_wide=-1”

If I remove the org_wide, it works but only returns for root of org, understandably. When I look at the error it says it’s expecting an integer, but I’ve already tried: 0, 1, and -1 and none of them work.

Also, the documentation is no help. There’s no example of usage and ‘N/A’ makes no sense for a default value for the boolean.




@vincenr : Based on your question, I’m assuming that you are looking at this documentation page. That page will be deprecated soon and a note at the top of the page includes links to the new topics that replace it.

The newer topic that seems most applicable to the API you want is this page, which shows that the API no longer requires the org_wide parameter. If you don’t specify a project filter, you’ll get results for all projects in the Org.

I hope that helps.

New Contributor III

When I remove everything but the ‘last_hours’ parameter, I do not get everything in our org… all I get is whatever has run at the root of our org directory, not all of the projects subsumed under the org directory. So, please help me out here.

@vincenr: Are you an Org admin for the Org? If not, you’ll only see what you have permissions to see.

If you are an Org admin, yes, please file a ticket.

New Contributor III

Can you please post the correct API page here for me? You had previously stated the page I was using had been deprecated.