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Pipeline with XSLT soap output, how to submit to web service?

Contributor II

How do I take the output of an xslt snap, and submit it directly to a web service end point?

My xslt produces a full Soap message which I can write to a file, and then submit that soap message via SOAPUI or other utility. Ive tried both the workday write snap, and the SOAP execute snap with different errors.

  1. Workday Write snap : error The body is not present in the SOAP request
    I’m not clear on what this snap requires as an input, but i’d like to submit the output of my xslt.

  2. SOAP execute snap. An exception occurred while executing the SOAP request
    Verify the input data is correct

Again, would like to submit the resulting soap from xslt, but this requires that I configure the execute with a customize envelope, and I think a mapper in between (something I’ve done directly between a db output and soap execute). Is there a way to submit raw soap to a web service using snap?

What am I missing?


Contributor II

Perhaps I need to clarify to get a response…

Is there a way in SnapLogic to take a SOAP message and submit directly to a web service endpoint, without remapping the file?

Hi Acesario,
I’m running into similar issue. Can you please share the Custom envelope XML and input to the SOAP execute?


Apologies for the delayed response, I was out of the country. Here is what you are asking for, let me know if you need more detail.

The Soap Execute, Customize Envelope contents are exactly as follows:

Upstream from this is a mapper with Expression set to $Content and the Target Path set to $XML.

The input to the mapper is a SOAP message, which comes from my XSLT. Apologies but I cannot share the soap wrapped XML with you.

Contributor II

I found a way to do this by creating a variable, and putting the entire xml into the variable.