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Salesforce Allow Null Updates to Target

New Contributor III

I am trying to convert some Informatica upsert sync tasks to SnapLogic pipelines.

One useful option in Informatica is an ‘Allow Null Updates to Target’ option. That is, when a source field becomes null, it also gets nulled in the target.

How does the SnapLogic Salesforce Upsert snap handle nulls? Is there a good way to allow null updates to the target?


New Contributor III

I’ve been playing around with this.

The solution seems to be that the Salesforce Upsert snap will NOT push null updates to the target.

However, Salesforce Update will push null updates. So if an external ID is being used to identify a record, use a Salesforce Lookup snap to obtain the Salesforce record ID first, then use a Salesforce Update snap to update the record.