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Simple But Diffcult Problem - How to Dynamically assign Target path name based on pipeline paramter

New Contributor

I have a Simple But Difficult Problem to solve, where I have "target_column_name" as the pipeline parameter and incoming data has a value column that should be mapped to this "target_column_name" which is the "department".

it can change to any name (not always department ) the pipeline should be able to map the name from the pipeline parameter.



would like discuss it further....


New Contributor

If the dynamic nature of the pipeline parameter depends on the consumer/caller of that pipeline, then you could try something like when such pipeline is created as a task - say if it is an API task in the form of Ultra task. The consumer of that task should passed the needed value that will override what's there in the pipeline-parameter or task parameter. That's one possible way having a dynamic pipeline parameter. Otherwise, it takes what's is defined in the pipeline parameter - that's what I have seen when I work with pipelines.

Contributor III

Hello @rahulmvaidya,

You can try with the following expression in a Mapper Snap:


Also, you can refer to the sample attached pipeline below.

Please let me know if this helps you!