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Timestamp format while reading Parquet file

New Contributor

Hello Team,
we have a requirement to read file from S3 Bucket and there we are getting source file as ‘Parquet’ file, As Parquet file stores data in Binary format so when i converted those files with the help of Online Parquet reader file then getting the field value

create_dt : 8/21/2019 7:59:23 PM +00:00
updated_dt : 8/21/2019 7:59:24 PM +00:00

when we read those file from SnapLogic ‘Parquet reader file snap’ after reading the snap returns the value :

$create_dt : ‘-7383172727504207099366988544’
$update_dt : ‘12649597609238856698939319552’

we need to process these data in Redshift with timestamp datatype.

Thanks for help in advance.