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Unable to get all records from mysql database in Generic JDBC execute or Select snap

New Contributor

I am seeing a different behavior in Generic JDBC execute or Select snap when it has upstream and downstream.

I have a table with 10000 records and the query used in both snaps is "select * from . where pipl id =‘1’ " and this query is giving same count in mysql and when the snap(execute,select) is not having any input/output connected but if there is a input/output, i am not getting same count in output and the record count is not consistent. Sometimes i get 10,20 … but not 10000.
Tried all troubleshooting steps like clearing cache, re deploying snap, restarting snap plex… but no luck.

Snap version - com-snaplogic-snaps-jdbc-execute-1-main19844

Did anyone face this issue? Appreciate any solution here. Thank you in advance.