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Building snaps to handle custom array mapping


@ptaylor I need to build a snap that offers similar capabilities like those in the Mapping snap but I can’t quite figure out how to do it from the developer documentation provided.

There are lots of methods on the PropertyBuilder object that are not explained by the example snaps on I am wondering if there is some mechanism by which I can get more details about how the property fields in the Mapper snap are created and how their values are retrieved/processed.

As an example of my questions:

  • What happens when I create a property of type SnapType.JSONPATH and how do I retrieve that “value” returned and get the node in the JSON payload that corresponds to the value?
  • How does one leverage the PropertyBuilder.mappingTable() method?
  • How does one leverage the PropertyBuilder.dataLocationIdentifier method?

Any thoughts on what needs to happen for me to get this type of information?