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[5-Minute Exercise] How to add fields onto the Mapper Snap

Former Employee

Difficulty Level: Easy

In this exercise, you will learn how to add ‘hire date’ to the employee list by:

  • Validating and previewing data in the pipeline
  • Using the Mapper Snap to add fields
  • Running a pipeline to obtain lists with added fields

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to use the Mapper Snap and execute the sample pipeline:

Step 1: Make sure you have copied the sample pipeline (Sample_Pipeline) from the Shared folder within the Pipeline Catalog to your own project folder


Step 2: Click image to validate and preview the data in the pipeline. Once the pipeline is validated, the pipeline will turn green, and you can click on the file icon to preview the data.


Step 3: Open the Mapper Snap. In the Input Schema, you should see Hire Date as an unmapped heading.

Step 4: In the Mapping table, click the + to add a row. Add $[‘Hire Date’] to the field in the Expression Column either by dragging it from the Input Schema or manually. The brackets and single quotes are there to maintain the space.


Step 5: Enter a value for the Target Path. To keep it user-readable, use $[‘Hire Date’] again.

Step 6: Click Save and close the dialog.

Step 7: Click on image to validate the pipeline. The sample pipeline is ready to be executed, you can click on f94f3438-034f-4696-b74d-c17799ffb2d3 on the toolbar. The sample pipeline will turn green once it’s successfully executed. Then open the Mapper preview to verify that Hire Date is now available to be sent down to the individual files.

Step 8: Go to the SnapLogic Manager to view the updated files.


Congratulations! You have completed this pipeline exercise!

Need more help?
You can launch the step-by-step exercise and additional resources on the SnapLogic Knowledge Center 3b9faf3f614eeed5ecc6f4a2b6fe55f9ddb6e21e.png on our SnapLogic platform, or peruse through the categories and topics on the SnapLogic Community.

Not in the trial but want to try this exercise? Upload this pipeline to your project in SnapLogic.
Sample_Pipeline.slp (23.3 KB)

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