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[5-Minute Exercise] How to integrate an integration pipeline

Former Employee

Get started with SnapLogic with this 5-minute exercise.

Difficulty Level: Easy

In this exercise, you will learn how to:

  • Use integration pipelines from the Pipeline and Patterns Catalog tabs
  • Copy and save an sample pipeline to your folder
  • Configure and execute a pipeline
  • View files from the sample pipeline in the SnapLogic Manager

Note: This tutorial is for users within the SnapLogic Trial. All assets referenced can only be found there.

Here is a 4-minute video to show you how to execute this sample pipeline:

Step 1: Log into the SnapLogic platform

Step 2: Go to the Pipeline Catalog and open the Shared folder. You will see a pre-built pipeline called “Sample_Pipeline.” The sample pipeline will appear on the Canvas and look like the pipeline below.

This sample pipeline is for a mergers & acquisitions use case. When a company is acquired, HR receives a CSV file containing employee information from that company and wants to route a list of employees to department heads for review, including Customer Success, General & Administration (G&A), Sales & Marketing, and Engineering.

Step 3: To configure the pipeline, you will first need to copy and save this sample pipeline into your folder. Expand the Designer toolbar image , and click on image to copy and save the pipeline.

Step 4: Once your sample pipeline is saved, you need to configure the pipeline using the Configuration Wizard by uploading the employee record CSV in the Sample folder.



Step 5: The sample pipeline is ready to be executed using the Pipeline Configuration Wizard. Alternatively, you can click on 220d93d4926531391bd158c5a3162aa210877476.png on the toolbar. The sample pipeline will turn green once it’s successfully executed.

Step 6: Now go to the SnapLogic Manager to view the files of employee names for each department in your own project folder.

Congratulations! You have completed the sample pipeline exercise!

Need more help?
You can launch the step-by-step exercise and additional resources on the SnapLogic Knowledge Center image on our SnapLogic platform, or peruse through the categories and topics on the SnapLogic Community.

Not in the trial but want to try this exercise? Upload this pipeline to your project in SnapLogic.
Sample_Pipeline.slp (23.3 KB)

[ The SnapLogic Knowledge Center is only available within the SnapLogic Free Trial. ]