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Generic JDBC Execute snap with complex DB2 SQL -> ran into "Connection does not exist" Error

New Contributor

Hi, I would like to bring up and highlight an issue that often comes in SnapLogic pipelines where we have 3 or more Generic JDBC Execute snaps - that connects to DB2 which often runs into the issue of "Connection does not exist" error. The nature of the pipelines: Parent pipeline has couple of JDBC execute snaps -> multiple child pipelines (10 pipelines) based on logic/router to invoke respective child pipelines which again has 3 or more JDBC execute snaps to run/execute complex SQLs in DB2. When I execute or schedule to run the parent pipeline, I often see JDBC error of "Connection does not exist". However, when I re-execute the parent pipeline it works sometime. But this tedious process of re-running every time until all the child pipelines are completed successfully is not ideal.

I am using AS400 jdbc driver.

Below are the account setup properties:

Min pool size: 2, Max pool size: 60, Max Idle time: 60, Checkout time: 100000, Auto commit -> checked, Fetch size: 1000, Batch size: 500

Please help to resolve the reported issue.

Note: Alternatively, I have tried using Script snap with Python to connect to DB2 and then execute the SQL but it was throwing error: getLargeUpdateCount not implemented (which could be related to the jdbc driver: jt400 not having that feature).