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How to move a pipeline from SnapGPT Labs to Elastic



With SnapGPT being used by more and more people to generate pipeline drafts or scaffolds, we want to make sure everyone knows that SnapGPT-generated pipelines can be migrated out of SnapLabs into a your own SnapLogic environments. Below are the steps to perform the migration manually and we will add additional methods as quickly as we can.

Manual migration

Manual migration of a pipeline means using our Export a Pipeline and then Import a Pipeline steps. Below are example steps to move a pipeline from SnapLabs pod ( to the Elastic pod (


To complete these steps you must have the following:

  • Access to SnapLabs and be signed in
  • A pipeline in SnapLabs you wish to export (SnaptGPT-generated pipelines included!)
  • One or more environments in Elastic pod to import the pipeline


  1. In the upper-right corner of the SnapLabs Designer page, click what looks like the rewind button to expand ‘More tools’:

  2. After the toolbar expands click the highlighted icon below that looks like an arrow coming up out of a drawer or box:
    Click Export Pipeline

  3. Choose ‘Export’ in the drop-down menu:

  4. Your browser should show you that the file downloaded with a name like ‘PIPELINE_NAME_YYYY_MM_DD.SLP’. Here is an example of my pipeline exported in Google Chrome:

  5. If you have not yet signed into your Elastic pod account, please do so now.

  6. In the upper-left corner, click the toolbar icon shown below (it looks like an arrow going into a box or drawer):

  7. Your OS file browser will open for you to select a *.slp file, similar to what you see in the screenshot below. Choose your pipeline, then press ‘Open’:

  8. At this point the “Add a New Pipeline” window will appear, similar to the one below. Here you can change the name of the pipeline if desired and select where the pipeline will be imported.

  9. Your final steps will be to walk through the ‘Pipeline Configuration Wizard,’ shown on the right-hand side in the screenshot below. These steps are where you can select or add all the relevant accounts, choose filenames if needed, etc.


New Contributor III


Can we also do a manual migration of our pipeline from Elastic to SnapLabs? I assume that the manual migration steps that is perform when migrating pipelines from one org to another is the same but kindly confirm. Thank you.


You are correct. 🙂

Diane Miller
Community Manager