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Ranks: Who's Who in the Integration Nation Community Platform

Admin Admin

The post provides an overview titles and specific users that you may see in this platform.


  • Diane Miller @dmiller is your Community Manager. She handles platform moderation and management.
  • Kat @katrina-nelson  and Stephanie @stephcourtois: This dynamic duo assisted with the graphics and technical build out of the platform. You will continue to see their handiwork as we continue to grow, but they are not involved in moderation or management.
  • Other "admin" accounts are used for integrations with other applications, or may be temporarily be given to another employee to build out an integration. They are not involved in moderation or management.

Employee and Former Employee

All current SnapLogic employees, except for Admins, should display with "Employee" next to their name.

Former SnapLogic employees will display as such so you know they are not available to respond.


MVPs, the users recognized as our most influential and engaged customers and partners, are also labeled as such. Visit About the MVP Program for the list current MVPs and our alumni. 

Other Ranks

Other ranks displayed next to a user name are based on calculations of visits/posts/kudos. We will continually review these to see if adjustments need to be as usage of the new platform grows.

Diane Miller
Community Manager