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SnapGPT Prompt Catalog



While exploring SnapGPT our customers and internal teams are constantly discovering noteworthy prompts, so we are going to start collecting and sharing these here. Unlike the Beginner’s Guide which includes the prompt and result, we will just focus on the prompt itself in this post and let the results be part of your own exploration!

What if I have a prompt to share?

We would love to hear from you, so please share it with us by replying to this post or creating your own post in the SnapLabs community category!

Ask for help

Let’s start simple by sharing a few prompts to demonstrate how SnapGPT can help.

  • How do I build a pipeline?
  • When and how should I use the Salesforce SOQL snap?
  • How can one pipeline call another pipeline?
  • Can pipelines use recursion?
  • How is an Ultra pipeline different from a regular pipeline?

Create a pipeline

  • Extract opportunity object records from Salesforce and add them to Snowflake
  • Create a Pipeline using Salesforce Read to fetch my Opportunities, Filter out any opportunities outside of the last fiscal quarter, then write them to Snowflake
  • Extract opportunity object records from Salesforce closed before “2022-10-01” and add them to Snowflake
  • Create a pipeline that fetches my SnapLogic Activity Logs from the SnapLogic API

Generate Sample Data

For those moments when you just need to see how

  • Create a single-Snap pipeline with a JSON Generator that has 10 example Salesforce Lead records
  • Create a pipeline with a JSON Generator that contains 10 sample records with First Name, Last Name, and Email

Create a SOQL query

For these examples you need an existing pipeline with a SOQL Snap in it, then you can ask SnapGPT one of these prompts.

  • Select records from Salesforce opportunity object closedWon in Q1 2023

Improving SnapGPT prompts for more accurate results

Here is a collection of ways to enhance prompts for clarity or to accomplish a certain goal.

  • When asking SnapGPT to create a pipeline to sync accounts between two systems, say Salesforce and NetSuite, consider adding something like “…with Salesforce as the source of truth” or “Treat Salesforce as the source of truth.”