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SnapGPT Is Now Generally Available

SnapGPT, now part of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, is currently available free of charge to new and existing customers. Contact your CSM for enablement. For a deeper understanding of how it works, we invite you to: visit our website...

dmiller by Admin
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SnapGPT Beginner's Guide

What is SnapGPT? SnapGPT is a generative AI solution in early release and currently available only to users who have been invited to SnapLabs. Built right into the SnapLogic web interface (screenshot below), you can now prompt SnapGPT for a wide var...

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Prompt Deep Dive: Exporting audit logs

Overview Many SnapLogic customers are required by various industry regulations to retain audit logs for long periods of time. If you are a SnapLogic org administrator, you have either already built a pipeline to export your SnapLogic Activity Logs or...

SnapGPT: What's your use case?

For those of you that have access to SnapGPT, how do you see using it? If you are still in the queue to gain access, what do you think you would want to do with it?

dmiller by Admin
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SnapGPT Example: CSV Filter and Write

I used the following to prompt to successfully generate a pipeline that reads data from a csv file, filtered the data and wrote the data to a new file. Read a csv file, then map Registered, Last Name, Email and % complete, then filter records where ...

SnapGPT Wishlist

Auto mapped with mapping expression by providing sample input and expected output.Inline mapping expression suggestion based on natural language promptAuto suggest a collection of snaps based on natural language prompt (Read Transcript data from Corn...

aleung by Contributor III
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SnapGPT Prompt Catalog

Introduction While exploring SnapGPT our customers and internal teams are constantly discovering noteworthy prompts, so we are going to start collecting and sharing these here. Unlike the Beginner’s Guide which includes the prompt and result, we wil...

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