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Best way to handle conflicting projects in gitHub/snapLogic?

New Contributor III

I’m still very new to gitHub and was wondering the best way to handle the following situtation?
We have a project currently checked out from gitHub in snapLogic, with let’s say pipeline ‘A’. I need to work on pipeline ‘B’ in a different pipeline also in the same project, but under a different branch.

What is the best way to handle this situation without resorting the to commandline tool for gitHub?


Contributor III

Hi @vincenr,

You can checkout to different branch or you can create a new one within the SnapLogic Manager, by Checkout Git Repository option from the project options dropdown menu.

Then just type the name of the branch, if it does not exist it will give you an option to create new branch.


Let me know if this helps you.


So, if I make a change to pipeline A on one branch, but the branch for pipeline B doesn’t have that change, how does that affect pipeline A when I finally check in the pipeline B branch? I know this is gitHub basics, but again I am a beginner…
How do I assure that my check-in for pipeline B doesn’t revert pipeline A back to before the changes I made on it?