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Configuring Amazon MQ credentials in RabbitMQ account

New Contributor III

I am trying to connect to Amazon MQ broker from SnapLogic to consume messages by using the RabbitMQ account since it is the only option in SnapLogic that supports amqp protocol. When I enter the Amazon MQ credentials and click on validate I get the error below:
Failed to validate account: An error occurred while creating the connection Cause: connect timed out (Reason: Invalid credentials.; Resolution: Please verify if the provided credentials are valid )


I think the connection to Amazon MQ should work fine even if I am using the Rabbit MQ snap account because both of them are compliant with amqp protocol. Can anyone advise me if I am doing anything wrong or if it is even possible to establish this connection? Do I have to specify the optional security fields such as UseTSSv1.2, keystore, etc…?


New Contributor II

Hi Stuck in the same issue
Did you get any solution or workaround?

Contributor III

Hi @mohamadelmardin  Check TLSv1.2 and try. For me it's working.