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Deployment Architecture

New Contributor

We are in the process of implementing SnapLogic and I wanted to reach out to the community to find out if you could share some information on how your setup your environment.
This is in terms of Project Spaces, Groups, Migrations to QA/Prod, etc.

  • We will have a central group in IT doing development and another group outside of IT doing development and we want to keep them as separate as possible.
  • Each team can develop their own pipeline/can create an account. They shouldn’t see other team’s pipeline but some pipelines can be shared if it is needed.
  • To add sharing assets(mainly pipeline or account) across the team, only certain people can do, and they need to migrate it to QA/PROD
  • Each team member can initiate migration from DEV to QA, but only admin or certain people will migrate assets to PROD
  • Snaplex will be shared with all teams

Any best practices for procedures you have developed that you are willing to share is very much appreciated.