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Email Sender Snap - attach file from SharePoint

New Contributor III

I have a pipeline that creates a file and posts it to a SharePoint document library. I want to use the email sender snap to send that file as an attachment. I currently have a pipeline that does it, but the file is stored on a network drive and we are moving away from network drives to SharePoint document libraries.

The current attachment logic is: ‘smb://MBY;App_Snap_MRY_Letters@GVAFS:445’ + FileName + '’ +‘{"timeZone":"CST", “format”:“yyyyMMdd”}’) + ‘.xlsx’

I THINK the part I need to update is: ‘smb://MBY;App_Snap_MRY_Letters@GVAFS:445’

Can you help me with the syntax to reference SharePoint doc library instead of the network drive.

Thank you very much in advance.