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Error while reading a Box file

New Contributor II

I’m trying to read a csv file from Box ,but ive encountered a weird behavior that I just cant find a resolution to.

This is the error in the Box read snap: Failure: Error downloading the file: %s, Reason: Exception while reading binary data from the stream, Resolution: Please address reported issue.

The weird part is even though I get this error the file is still being downloaded.Heres a snapshot:


Any clues ?


Contributor III

Have you figured this out yet? If not, please share your pipeline since there isn’t sufficient details at this time. Have you also tried hard coding the configurations in your “CardMappi…” step assuming it is the Box Read snap.

New Contributor II

yes,I was able to figure this out.

The problem was that the Box File reader(named as CardMappin… in the snapshot) errored out while I validated/compiled the pipeline,but did not error out when I executed the pipeline.We raised a ticket with Snaplogic and the response was that this is a bug and will be fixed.