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Preview of file when Input is sent Via Triggered Event



Is there any way to Preview data when Pipeline Triggered externally. My pipline has Open Input and I want to see Preview at each snap when Pipeline is being called Via Task.

Thanks in Advance…!!


Former Employee

It’s possible to capture the input and output of a Triggered Task that is invoked through the Cloud URL by enabling the ‘Debug’ mode in the Task settings. See the Debugging Mode section in the Triggered Task documentation.

@tstack, So this are stored in SLDB I guess. This option works. But we have a scenario to give a demo by Triggering task from External source and show the data in Pipeline at different Snaps.

@SandeepVemula, there may be a better way, but during development/testing, I typically place a JSON Generator (or appropriate generator) at the beginning of the child pipeline with the test data so I can validate and preview at each snap.

Thanks @del, Currently I am using the same