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New Contributor II

Hi ,

I ma trying to build a pipeline using salesforce snap. I just got my Trail version of salesforce instance and i am trying to login from snaplogic salesforce snap. I am getting below error .can some one pls help me on this .

Failed to validate account: Failed to login to for username: Cause: com.snaplogic.snap.api.SnapDataException: Failed to get an access token from (Reason: com.snaplogic.snap.api.SnapDataException: Failed to get an access token from; Resolution: Please check your credentials.)

But i am succesfully logged in the salesforce instance with same credentials through chrome. please help me out .


Admin Admin

In SnapLogic, which of the two Salesforce account types did you select and how do you have the account configured?

Diane Miller
Community Manager

Contributor III

Keep in mind logging in via isn’t exactly the same when logging in via Snaplogic. Since Snaplogic is hitting the Salesforce REST API. Depends on your Salesforce security settings, you might have to pass a security token with your credentials. In case you don’t know your security token.

name > Setup > Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.
You can whitelist your cloudplex or groundplex IP to omit the need to pass the security token:

  1. Go to profile detail page.(User can see ‘Login IP Ranges’ related list on Profile detail page.)
  2. Go to Login IP Ranges related list of profile.
  3. Click New button(To Enter the IP Range)
  4. Enter IP Range:

Another possibility is that your profile doesn’t have API enable checked.

An easy way to validate your access is to use a SOQL client like SoqlXplorer (Mac) or ForceExplorer (PC) to test your API access.

New Contributor II

@aleung This really helped me a lot . I could connect.Thank you so much!

@aleung , I found some clue about account set up for sales force, right now, node I am running is groundplex not cloudplex , seems like this is the problem.