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Slack connection issue

New Contributor II


I am trying to connect the Slack application to SnapLogic. In slack snap pack, we have 3 types of Accounts in Snaplogic. What we need to select and how to configure the fields in that connection. For this, I have created one app in Slack application. But I am failing to redirect the app.

Can you anyone please help me on this.



Hi Pjanapati,
Yes, we have 3 types of Accounts in Slack Snap pack.
a) Slack Dynamic OAuth2 Account
b) Slack Generic OAuth2 Bot Token Account.
c) Slack Generic OAuth2 User Token Account
For Dynamic OAuth2 account, require only Access token.
For OAuth2 Bot / User token account, User should provide the required Scopes for Bot token / User token and Redirect URL after creating slack app as well as mentioned in the Slack Bot / user token.


You will need to specify the redirect uri within the slack app to in your slack configuration for the “Redirect URLs” section (make sure to hit Save URLs) (see below).
Slack Application Redirect URLs screenshot

Then you’ll need to specify the scopes to be used in the application (on the slack developer side) as well as in the account. Depending on whether you’re using the Bot Token or User Token account will depend on how you specify that. For the bot token, it would look something like this:
Slack Bot Token Account configuration screenshot
As far as which account to use, refer to the table in the SnapLogic Documentation it does talk generally, but there may be other limitations based on the selected scopes and other capabilities.

Each of the accounts have specifics on what might be needed in the setup on both sides (the SnapLogic and slack side)

@pjanapati , are you unblocked now? Let us know if you are still stuck.