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Snaps execution in sequentially

New Contributor II


I have taken copy after the generator snap and then in one path I am doing updating the data in Salesforce and in second path I am sending the data to the database and an email.

In this scenario, the data flows one by one in both two paths or first the total data will go in first path and then it will go to the another path.

Please give me a solution for this…


Contributor II

Hi @pjanapati and welcome to the SnapLogic Community! 🙂

If the snaps that you are using does not support Pass Through, then you can add Copy Snap and a Gate Snap after the Salesforce Snap.

That way the Gate Snap will wait until it collects all of the documents, in this case until Salesforce Snap completes.

Afterwards just split the documents coming directly from the Copy Snap.

Skeleton Flow:

Sample Pipeline:
SL-Comm-Sequentially_2023_02_28.slp (8.8 KB)

Also, you can achieve the same with many different approaches like: pipeline nesting and pipeline execute, copy and join snap etc.

Let me know if this helps you.