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Snowfalke Execute Behaving strangely

New Contributor

I’ve a pipeline, at the end of which is a SnowFlake Execute snap which has an update query like below

"Update table_schema.Employees set Salary = '"+ $salary + "' where EmpID = '" + $empId +"' "

Now the issue is for all the employees Salary of last empId is being updated (of-course the query is madeup).

The snap before Snowflake Execute snap is a data mapper with distinct values for both $salary and $empId; The queries that are being generated (as evident in the Output Preview of the Expression builder of Snowflake Execute) are also properly made, each with their own empId and salary value and as many queries are made as the documents in previous snap.

But when I check the table, I see same salary for each EmpId, that means, somehow the parameter $empId was recognized and held up uniquely for each document, but the parameter $salary in the set part of the query (outside where) got its value from the last document.

What is this sorcery? I read all the documentations that I could find about Snowflake execute, but couldn’t understand what’s going on.

Could you please give any hint or clue?