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XSD having Reference to another XSD


Hi All.

I am facing an issue with XML Parser(Validdation Against XSD) as My XSD have some Include Statements which again refer some XSD’s. I have changed path and Uplaoded all in SLDB still getting Errors. Any one face same kind of issue. Please help me with this.

Thanks in Advance…!!



Hi, have you tried referencing the parent schema in the ‘Inbound schema’ property
then either ensure the plex nodes have access to all xsds
or download all xsds locally onto the disk and modify the schemaLocation attributes to local file paths.


I have 2 XSD files one refering another and I have uploaded both to SLDB. and modified the include statement in parent XSD. (…/ChildName.xsd). Still I am facing Errors.

hi Sandeep, I think its its best to try the local disk as can modify the path in each xsd so they can find each other.

Worked Fine Mina. Thanks for the solution. Now I am facing one more problem. XML is getting validated against XSD but if XML is not valid due to lets say 3 errors but in XML Parser snap its showing only one error i.e first error. If I resolve it and again parse its showing next. Is there any way to see all validation errors(Validation Summary) at once.