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How to add textarea type input to a custom snap?

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I am building a custom snap where some of the fields need to be a ‘textarea’ type. I’ve been searching through the documentation but didn’t find anything related to this.

Is there a way to make the field a text area ?
I am looking for something like the private/public keys in the account of a PGP Encrypt snap where the inputs are text area types.

On the image below, the input types are different from the ‘Key pasphrase’ which is of an ‘input’ type but the private and public keys are of ‘text area’ type.

@ptaylor Any suggestions please ?



Yes: call .uiRowCount(int) when building the property.

Thank you, that works, however I am unable to properly parse the value from the field ?
Does it return a string or something else ?

Here’s what I have:

private static final String PRIVATE_KEY = "Private key";
private static final String PUBLIC_KEY = "Public key";
private String privateKey; // This is used to capture the value from the private key property
private String publicKey; // This is used to capture the value from the public key property

Then the defineProperties method:

        propertyBuilder.describe(PRIVATE_KEY, "Private key")
        propertyBuilder.describe(PUBLIC_KEY, "Public key")

Then the configure method:

    public void configure(PropertyValues propertyValues) {
        privateKey = propertyValues.get(PRIVATE_KEY);
        publicKey = propertyValues.get(PUBLIC_KEY);

This is how the snap looks like with the properties:

However, when the pipeline is executed with the snap included, it returns the following error:

Snap has the following errors.
Please open the info box and edit the highlighted fields.
* Failure: Private key: asdasd is undefined.
Perhaps you meant: task, Base64, parseFloat, parseInt,
Reason: Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason,
Resolution: Check the spelling of the variable

Is it because .uiRowCount(int) returns a different type than String, so it is not able to parse it correctly in the configure() method ?

Please open the Pipeline Statistics, expand the details, copy the stack trace and paste it here.

do share the full body of the configure() method.