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Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence


Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence

Operationalizing innovation to maximize business value

Modern Digital Platforms such as SnapLogic empower enterprises to unlock the value held in existing systems and data, allowing new services and strategies to be achieved.

To support these best practices, governance and a culture of innovation are needed. Enterprises are adopting or evolving the concept of a Center of Excellence to foster and support Digital Transformation. This concept is far from new, but trends such as Agile, DevOps, API strategy, AI, and the rise of the Citizen Developer have also forced these Operating Models to change, or risk being considered outdated and relegated as not fit for purpose to support Digital Transformation.

The Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence is a set of best practices distilled from the experience of SnapLogic architects — customers, partners and employees.

SnapLogic is dedicated to continuously increasing the value our technology delivers to customers over time.  Meanwhile, SnapLogic customer architects require a formalized operational framework to guide them from an initial tactical project to true strategic value realization through adoption across multiple roles and departments.

The Sigma Framework delivers a standardized, integrated, holistic, and opinionated set of cross-disciplinary best practices, ready for adoption by customers to support sophisticated enterprise-scale deployments. Different assets in this section are designed for the various phases of a customer journey, addressing different personas and stages of maturity.

By adopting the Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence, users will be able to extract maximum value from their investment in SnapLogic — both the technology, and the time commitment to develop required skills and competence.

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Scope of the Framework

Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence is structured to reflect the way your enterprise works. We coordinate, collaborate, and consolidate expertise between lines of business, development teams, and your enterprise architecture group. leadership and advice. Let us help you operationalize and scale data-driven, 360- degree innovation throughout your organization.

The Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence encompasses several domains, including strategy, technology, process, and the culture of the users of the SnapLogic Platform. The aim of the Sigma Framework is to facilitate the adoption of SnapLogic at scale across the customer organization to achieve the required positive business outcomes.

This framework will be shared with the SnapLogic community and maintained and developed as new technical capabilities and implementation best practices emerge over time.


12/11/2023: Diagram updated for style. PDF now in brand formatting. No content changes.




A few enterprise customers are interested in getting guidance on the roles and responsibilities of a SnapLogic center of excellence in their organization. I would appreciate it if that topic could be addressed in a new topic within the Sigma Framework for Operational Excellence


I'm working on that artifact now so watch this space