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Join and In-Memory Lookup not working

New Contributor II

For Join, I'm just doing a left join. Fields are both Strings. It works in Alteryx, so no idea why it's not working in Snaplogic. I also tried In-Memory Lookup but the fields are just not joining. Only the left path fields come through. What could be causing this?





It turns out that I had a Union right after the Join, and the Join wasn't the problem. I expected the union to append rows, but it doesn't work that way apparently. 

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Are you validating the pipeline or executing it? Try executing and see if you get any matches. When you execute, the Join will process all of the input from each input view -- you'll operate on all of the data. If you're validating, keep in mind that the number of documents processed by the Join for each input view is limited to the Preview Document Count configured in your settings. This is only 50 by default. So if you have a lot more than 50 rows of input for each view, it might be that there's no matches in those first 50 documents. Try increasing that setting from 50 to a larger number like 2000.

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I'm executing, but still getting no matches. It's odd, it really seems like it's set up exactly like Alteryx. 

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Hi @WhatIsThis 
Left and Right Path should be same, it means it will take common column from both table and join those tables on basis of that. Hope This might help you!!

It's a common column. I checked the field format and the number of digits and there should be matches. It works in alteryx.