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Salesforce SnapPack with "Content" as opposed to "Attachments"?

Contributor III

I’ve written pipelines to pull binary documents from Salesforce stored as Attachments using the “Attachment Download” snap from the Salesforce SnapPack. But I have a new project where similar binary documents are being stored as ContentVersion in Salesforce. When I query the ContentVersion table, the “document” (supposedly in the VersionData field) seems to be another API link:

“VersionData”: “/services/data/v34.0/sobjects/ContentVersion/068180000XXXXXIoAAO/VersionData”

I assume that API path would probably return the binary document, bit not sure how to dynamically call that API using the Salesforce SnapPack account and snaps. Make sense? Any thoughts?


New Contributor II

I know this is old – but did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue.

Melissa Mussitsch

New Contributor II

i am able to get the content version using the saleforce rest api with snaplogic. you need to create a connected app and use the consumer secret and id along with login creds. however when i get the contentversion it comes back as entity base64. i’ve tried various things to decode it with no luck. has anyone been able to retrieve the actual doc from the sfdc content version?