Accessing temp table Snaplogic creates in Snowflake?

Is it possible to access the temp table Snaplogic creates in Snowflake? Need to do some deletes and the delete snap takes a lot of time and resources. I would like to delete using a join to the temp table instead of individual transactions if possible.

Hi Winosky:

Temp tables created by the Snowflake Bulk snaps will be cleaned up during processing, so they are not suitable for accessing or joining against, at least reliably.

Hi @mbowen, so it is possible then? When talking about reliable, do you mean Snaplogic randomly decides when the temp table is dropped or is it done during the snap?

Sorry, poor choice of words on my part. The snap manages the temporary table, and will remove it after it has completed its operation, so is an ephemeral thing. Let me see if I can fish out some more specifics for you. You mentioned that deleting via snap too time/resource consuming.

Ah thanks, yup when I’m using the delete snap I’m deleting over 100k records and running a transaction separately isn’t ideal. Is there another approach to using the delete snap? Can a script snap get around this maybe?
What I’m trying to accomplish now is to break the 100k into groups but it might not be ideal either.

Sorry for the delayed reply. The Snowflake Delete snap doesn’t offer any tuning parameters, and I’m not sure how your table is defined. I’m also not a Snowflake expert, and you seem to know more than me. I would suggest logging a support ticket. There are many on the team who have good knowledge of Snowflake. Someone else is community may answer too. Dwell in the possibility …

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No problem, thanks for the guidance! I logged a ticket.