AES Decrypt Snap - Urgent help

Hello Smart folks,
I am having a requirement to AES Decrypt a field(the field was encrypted with ‘AES/CTR/NoPadding’ algo with dynamic Secret key and initialization vector key by external system).
Dynamic mean here is my input fields are supposed to be decrypted by different Secret key and Initialization vector in each pipe run so need to pass the keys dynamically in the snap.

Tried to decrypt with AES Decrypt snap, but the snap has static property for ‘Secret Key’ and ‘initialization vector key’ which has blocked me to pass these 2 values dynamically from upstream snap or params to decrypt the input data.

Any suggestion or any other way to do it in Snaplogic, please help.

Hi @RakeshKumar1

If Secret Key field is blank, the snap will look for it in the Account. The secret key in the account is an expression property, so we could define a pipeline parameter to plumb through the secret. For example,

I’m not sure about the init vector though. Hmmm… Maybe others know of a workaround.

Thanks for looking in this Mathew, Yes Secret Key we can parametrize through account.

But the field decryption will happen through both IV and Secret Key and both will be coming dynamically for my usecase, Snap has IV as a static property on UI so looking for any other workaround in SL if anyone else can suggest.

Thank you!


It would not be difficult to expression enable the Secret Key and Initialization Vector fields in the AES Decrypt snap. This would allow you to populate these fields from an upstream snap. If you’re interested, I could create a development ticket to do this. I can’t promise exactly when this would be done, but this is a pretty small effort, so it may be done sooner rather than later.

Hi Matthew,
I have raised ticket with SL to get this feather for the AES snap, Probably a snap version/patch instead of waiting for quarter release to unblock me.

Thanks ,

You are correct. This small feature will most likely be made available as a patch release. Thank you for creating the ticket.