An XML Generator & XML Formatter Snaps example

Here’s an example illustrating the use case of the snaps XML Generator, XML formatter and File writer.

The 1st snap “XML Generator” of the pipeline generates a document format data with the given xml input configured in the snap on “Edit XML *” in snap settings.

The 2nd snap “XML Formatter” accepts the document format and encapsulates the data into XML formates and provides the the binary output which can be an input to the File writer snap which accepts the binary input.

Attached is the .slp for pipeline reference.XMLGenerator_Formatter_2017_03_1.slp (4.1 KB)

Here’s an example of the XML parser to complete the XML transformation snaps.

The xml file is read in file reader snap and followed by XML parser snap which accepts the binary input and provide document output.

XMLParser_CSV_Write_2017_03_11.slp (6.0 KB)