Array to IN operator within Database

We are querying a table in Postgresql and retrieving records with ID.

The query output is similar to this:


    "record_id": [


After completing the processing, I want to update the postgresql table for those record_id that the processing is complete.

Problem: Converted the record_id as:
“(” => parseInt(x)).join(",")+")" before sending this to the sql query (using JDBC execute)
After this step, my output is this: “record_idSQL”: “(403,412,414)”
since record_idSQL is now a string, the moment I invoke the database query and using IN operator to find the rows with these record_ids, the adapter is adding a ’ ’ and it is erroring out.
From the error i get the following:

update abc.def set status = ‘3’ where record_id in ‘(403,412,414)’ was aborted. ERROR: syntax error at or near “$5” Position.

record_id in postgresql is a int4 datatype and is sequence field with auto incrementing.

Any help is highly appreciated.