As anyone faced issue with XML parser

I see below error on xml parser snap and the document is missing in the output view.

“Process”: “XML Parser:Get data[3b123c40-ba74-4d20-b272-0a5c987dd2c9 – 7151c974-da69-4ab5-a9eb-f9c50b3df996]”

“TimeStamp”: “12/27/2018, 2:30:18 PM”

“RuntimeID”: “3b123c40-ba74-4d20-b272-0a5c987dd2c9”

“File”: “”

“Message”: “Pipeline did not produce a response for message: c0e526535f7229ecaf720b44f7fd81b91204e3d9-69061@hc4t04353”

“SnapLabel”: “XML+Parser%3AGet+data”

“Exception”: “”

so the documents input to xml parser is 5
output to XML parser is 4
no data in error view
I see above error in logs

need help if this is an issue with the snap?