Automating the snap logic pipeline

We created a set of snaplogic pipelines, exported the pipeline’s as .slp files. Now we are looking for automation for
a) Importing the .slp pipeline through jenkins (the .slp pipelines are checked in in a repo)
b) After import if required need to set the third party URL and credentials through automation
Ex: The third party app is SNow, when we import the .slp to a Clinet, the SNow credentials are different.
In this case can we change the new SNow details in pipeline through automation, instead of manually changing.
c) Can we fix the common endpoint for each pipeline which are triggered Or Ultra tasks when it imported
to any cluster.
Ex: Pipeline A is triggered task which has a external end point, when it is imported to a new cluster can the same endpoint be used .

Any one has idea regarding the pipeline deployment automation. Pls provide your inputs,
it will be helpful.