Automation Testing


Has anyone come up with a good approach to automation testing with Snaplogic? Our team is familiar with using JUnit and Spring in a Java environment and they want to apply the same principles to Snaplogic pipelines. Their primary requirements are:

  • Having a tool to automate the triggering of pipeline executions (triggered tasks) using various test data
  • Where a pipeline includes REST snaps, being able to automate the creation of mock REST endpoints (to represent internal or external web services) and automate the repointing of REST Snaps in pipelines dynamically at those mock services
  • Automate the reconfiguration of those mock services to provide either valid or invalid responses as each test requires

Ideally they want to be able to do this with a native tool / framework for Snaplogic rather than building it all in JUnit / Spring.

Any suggestions?



Another snaplogic pipeline could created within snaplogic for automated testing. Thats a far better way than writing junit code for it.

Are there any standard testing strategies for testing the database views and web services?