Azure SQL Bulk extract-- BCP absolute path

I am using a Azure SQL bulk extract snap and it is asking me to mention the BCP absolute path. I am not aware of this. Can anybody pls help me out?

Hi @Himani ,

Maybe this links will help you to resolve the issue:±+Bulk+Extract

Also, can you provide the error of the Azure SQL bulk extract snap?



Failure: BCP program not found, Reason: Could not find BCP program in system path, Resolution: Make sure BCP program is in system path or indicate its location using BCP absolute path field.
this is the error.

I think that you have to install bcp command-line utility or provide the location where it is installed.
Please check the links that I have provided in the previous post.


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@Himani , may I know which OS your plex is running on? If the bcp utility is installed then you can add the bcp to the system path and you should be all good. Else, you can provide the absolute path of the bcp utility.

If bcp is not installed then you can install following the instructions here:
Windows: bcp Utility - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs
Linux: Install SQL Server command-line tools on Linux - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

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