Batch records size of 300

I would like to get the marketo leads and i am using the Get leads by filter type REST API

My input batch size is 300 and would like to pass the input parameter to REST SNAP with the comma seperated value

Input Snap and data as shown below:

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I would like to pass this input batch of records to my next API call to the filterValues=1234,4556,4566,etc till 300 records


Any inputs on how to pass the input records in a batch of 300 to the API

I have attached the complete pipeline

@sravankunadi I am not 100% sure what you are looking for but looks like you can try filterValues=group.toString() this option to pass all 300 data as comma separated values.

Thanks Supratim.

I have used in the mapper and when i am trying to pass to the REST GET call, i am not able to make the successfull API call.

REST GET API Call (Passing the parameter $test as shown below)


Any help on this please?

Hi @sravankunadi ,

You are missing the concatenation. where ever your are trying to replace the value dynamically you need to use the " or ' along with +. In your case, the expression should go like below.