Best Practices for Modifying Production Projects

We are a new SnapLogic customer and need to modify some existing projects that are running in production.
What is the recommended workflow for making changes to a production project in a development org, then moving those changes to production?

The key is to ensure you changes is based on the copy from Production.

You either have a consistent process to always save a copy of your production pipe in a repository in some version control env. In my case I use Box for simplicity. Otherwise, you would just get a copy from Production. Check out the new project migrate feature as well.

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In our environments, we actually have a pipeline that will move other pipelines from org to org and configure it with the appropriate parameters, using the SnapLogic Metadata snaps (props to @kmiesse !) . During our deployments to Test/Prod, a Bamboo job will call a triggered task that fires off that pipeline and moves the pipelines that changed during our development cycle.

Within our Development org, we have a main folder that contains pipelines currently running on our Development environment, and then another folder that’s for pipelines that are being modified. We typically will copy the project in the Development folder into our working dev folder and go from there. After development is completed, we’ll put the pipeline out in source control and upon merging of that branch in, Bamboo would call the task to move that project from our working dev space to the main Development area.

(This was all done before the migrate feature was introduced…it looks like there might be an API you could integrate with alternatively to do this more automatically)


Elise, in your case, are the pipelines still in snaplogic or are you extracting them out to a different source control like git, bitbucket, etc?

The pipelines are still in SnapLogic and the Bamboo job uses the pipelines that are in Snaplogic when it moves from place to place. We export the contents out to source control, but the only purpose of that for us is to have a historical record and to facilitate an “approval” process (as well as the Merge button triggering the Bamboo job).