Box Read- Include Metadata in Output

I am currently trying to detect the email address of the person who uploaded a file into Box. This corresponds to the ‘created_by’[‘login’] attribute in the GET /file/:fileID command in Box’s REST API. I’d like to send an email to the person who uploaded the file if it is in the wrong format.

Including a lot of the metadata that’s returned in a GET file command would be incredibly helpful. I currently have to use separate generic REST GET snaps to get file metadata.

Just curious, do you somehow use the same “Box Account” for your REST GET that you do with the BOX READ?

We use the BOX snaps with a BOX account for a few things, but have I have often wanted to call some of the many other BOX APIs that there are not specific snaps for in the BOX snap pack. I haven’t figured out how to re-use the BOX Account for other REST snaps though, or how to handle the BOX authentication myself directly…

It would be nice if there was some kind of “BOX Login” snap with the BOX snap pack, that would use your BOX Account from the snap pack and just return a token or something that you could use with non BOX snaps, like regular REST GET, etc.

I have two separate accounts- one REST OAuth2.0 account for generic REST snaps, and one for the Box snap pack. I had to create a custom app through the Box developer portal, and configure OAuth2.0 access for it. From there, I put in the application’s credentials into a SnapLogic REST account.