Calculate file size while reading using File Reader snap

I want to calculate the size of input file read by a File Reader snap, to use it as a parameter to define my pool size for child pipelines.

Is there a way we can do this using File Reader snap ?


There might be a Content-Length available in the header of the binary document, but that can be hard to pull out and plumb through to where you would need it.

I think the DirectoryBrowser snap should report the file size, so it might be easier to pick it up from there before kicking off the FileReader.

Keep in mind that the pool size is an upper bound and it may not be reached, so you could set it something reasonable for your Snaplex size and pad it a bit.

Have you found that the increased pool size makes a difference in performance?

Hi, Appreciate your help !!
Do you have any link/reference where I can see how we can use Directory browser snap to get the file size. I don’t see anything in snap description.


Never mind!! I got it.